A licensed hemp cultivator and processor built on quality, integrity, focused on delivering the finest CBD to the consumer and producer markets.


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Applegate is the “Napa Valley” of Cannabis

The bedrock geology of the Applegate Valley, combined with its sub-coastal weather is a cradle for hemp cultivation.

Gently sloping landscapes are abundantly irrigated by the Applegate River, and cooled by afternoon breezes. A mixture of oak savannas, conifers, madrone trees, and manzanita bushes cover the surrounding hillsides. Pilots refer to the Applegate as the ‘Blue Hole’ for the invariable sunny patch of blue sky that distinguishes this region from the fog-socked skies of the adjoining Rogue Valley.

Our state of the art greenhouses further allow for all-season, energy-efficient propagation and growing. We pair our geolocation, climate, natural elements and minerals with a diverse selection of plant strains to produce high-yielding, fine quality, CBD-rich crops.

Sweet Earth will produce its own seeds to ensure a constant and consistent supply of quality plants.

Sweet Earth

There are two types of cannabinoid receptors in the human body:

CB1 receptors are mainly in the brain and central nervous system whereas CB2 receptors are found in the peripheral organs and immune cells.

Our range of topical and edible products are designed to stimulate these receptors throughout our bodies.

Sweet Earth
CBD Beverages

Sweet Earth’s first product line will be focused on the 
CBD beverage market.

We have developed:








In states with legal cannabis for sale, binge-drinking rates have fallen 9% below the national average.

In California, recreational sales of cannabis outpace those of beer. Sweet Earth will be significantly healthier than sugar and alcohol, driving the revolution.


Considered a “superfruit” and packed with powerful antioxidants, Maqui has been used for generations in Chile as a natural remedy and to support immune system function.

CBD Maqui Berry Drink

Using Maqui harvested in Southern Chile, we combine this superfruit’s powerful antioxidants with the benefits of CBD.

Antioxidant power of different berries*

*Measured in ORAC levels. ORAC : Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.


Our Team

Farinaz Wadia

Farinaz is a co-founder of Forcefield based in Ashland, Oregon. Forcefield is a leader in the design/build of technologically advanced greenhouses. Forcefield acts as the exclusive agent for Danish-based DACS A/S and the MagFan line of exhaust fans. Farinaz has the managerial skills needed to handle the expansion plans for Sweet Earth.

Andrew Rainey

Andrew has been involved in the agricultural field for most of his life. He gained his passion in this field while growing up on his family’s farm in New Zealand.

Andrew has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree from Lincoln University. Since 1996 Andrew has been focused on seed multiplication and breeding programs for SP Seeds NZ from 1996-2009 and with Enza Zaden BV from 2009-2018.

Derek Brun

Derek holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Plant Systems with a minor in Soil Science from California State University.

The experience that Derek brings to our team from his years of field experience are a tremendous asset. Since 2003 Derek has worked as Field Production manager and Seed Specialist for numerous operators in California. Since 2012 Derek has been Seed Production Specialist with Enza Zaden USA.

Travis Luther

With 30 years of hands-on experience in cannabis-specific horticulture both in India and in the Pacific Northwest, Travis brings his expertise in agronomy and crop production to create systems for efficient farming. He combines this with his background in custom home building to design optimized environments for indoor and field-grown cannabis cultivation.


The Applegate Facility

Greenhouses Constructed

Three existing 42’x156’ greenhouses constructed and ready for production

Applegate Valley

Property is located in the prestigious Applegate Valley

Management Team

Management team in place with years of growing experience

Year Round Growth

Greenhouses are fully equipped to handle growing year round

22.5 Acres

22.5 Acres of outdoor growing with an LOI in place to expand to 75 acres

Oil Processing & Production

Potential for further expansion into oil processing and production

High-yielding Strains

Access to proven high-yielding genetic strains


Infrastructure in place with ample water and electrical service




L.A Hearne Co is working with Sweet Earth to secure land to further our operations and growth. Since 1938, L.A Hearne has been servicing the California agricultural industry.

Their strong relationships with both organic and conventional growers throughout California will ensure Sweet Earth has a sizeable footprint in the State.

Sweet Earth will build out another oil extraction facility to process and distribute its brand within the State.



Sweet Earth controls the entire vertical of its own hemp production, but to sell high-quality seeds to the nationally-expanding hemp market.

Sweet Earth will sell its high-quality feminized seeds to help supply the nationally expanding hemp market. Processed products will be offered nationally via internet sales channels.

The utilization of Sweet Life distribution in Oregon will get Sweet Earth products into the Oregon dispensary system. Presently Sweet Life services over 300 dispensaries throughout the State. In California, Sweet Earth will utilize the same wholesale distribution model as in Oregon.

Investment Highlights


Qualified Management Team


Key Strategic Partnerships


Developing CBD Beverage Line


California Acreage Secured for Expansion


Substantial Future Growth Potential


Attractive Valuation


Peter Espig

Peter currently serves as the CEO of Nicola Mining Inc. (TSX.V: NIM) where he was brought on to save the company from imminent insolvency. The company’s market capitalization has increased 15x under his four years at its helm. Additionally, he is a founding partner of Phosplatin Therapeutics and TriAsia Partners.

Peter is a global pioneer in special acquisition companies (SPACs) and is an experienced turnaround expert in multiple business sectors on an international scale by leveraging expertise in the analysis of investment opportunities, raising capital, deal sourcing, financial restructuring, and growing businesses. The former Goldman Sachs and Olympus Capital Asia executive has structured and raised capital for over US$2.5 billion in private equity and pre-IPO investment transactions and has been involved in corporate recapitalizations and turnarounds of over $5.0 billion.

Peter was a Chazen International Scholar at Columbia University (MBA), a member of the 1986 UBC National Championship football team and is an active philanthropist.

Chris Cooper

Chris has over 20 years of extensive business experience in all facets of
corporate development, senior management, finance and operations, in
both the private and public sectors. His experience includes spearheading growth strategies, financial reporting, quarterly and annual budgets, overseeing corporate administration, while achieving company objectives and maintaining internal cost controls. Chris has held a Director position in several private and public companies over the past 20 years.

He received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Hofstra University and his Master’s in Business Administration from Dowling College in New York.

Travis Luther

With 30 years of hands-on experience in cannabis-specific horticulture both in India and in the Pacific Northwest, Travis brings his expertise in agronomy and crop production to create systems for efficient farming. He combines this with his background in custom home building to design optimized environments for indoor and field-grown cannabis cultivation.

Leon Ho

Leon is a chartered professional accountant working at Cross Davis & Company LLP, a CPA firm specialized in providing accounting services to publicly listed entities, primarily in the mining sector. Leon works directly with top mining Chief Executive Officers and Directors, assisting with their regulatory and accounting needs.


Andy Kim

Andy brings over-30 years of investment advisory experience to the Sweet Earth team. As the Senior Vice President and Investment Advisor at TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, Andy’s insight into the Canadian and international markets is an asset to Sweet Earth. Previously, Andy was the Vice President and Investment at Advisor at CIBC as well as Midland Walwyn/Merrill Lynch. Andy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Toronto.

Desmond M. Balakrishnan

Desmond is a partner of McMillan’s MedicalMarijauna Industry Group. His wealth of knowledge of the cannabis industry is a tremendous asset to Sweet Earth. McMilan has been instrumental in the mergers and acquisitions on some of Canada’s biggest deals in the cannabis space.

McMillan’s clients represent some of the largest publicly traded companies on the Canadian markets. Desmond acts as outside council for industry leaders such as Aurora.

Niv Dagan

Niv founded PEAK Asset Management in 2013, focusing on growing the firm’s North American and Australasian distribution, while bringing curated deal flow to investors, backed by the firm’s capital. Prior to founding PEAK Asset Management, Niv headed up HC Securities, spent three years growing Halifax Investment’s capital markets division and also worked on the wholesale desk at Macquarie Bank, servicing a wide range of institutional, intermediary and oshore hedge funds.

During his time at Macquarie, Niv also worked closely with the non-for-profit sector and was jointly responsible for managing funds for a number of charities and high profile government enterprises.

Sam Nastat

During the past several years Sam has been actively involved in the funding and operations of Cannabis related businesses. During this time Sam has created relationships with growers, processors and distributors throughout the United States and Europe. It is this detailed agricultural knowledge and capital market background that gives Sam a unique perspective on this sector.

Sam brings years of both national and international business development
experience. He has over 20 years of experience in capital markets having
worked as a Financial Consultant for Merrill Lynch, and Midland Walwyn. Sam possesses robust capital venture experience on both the buy side and sell side, from incubating and funding numerous international ventures.


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Investment Opportunities

The rapidly-growing world of exciting CBD products presents an incredible investment opportunity with Sweet Earth.


The rapidly-growing world of exciting CBD products presents an incredible investment opportunity with Sweet Earth.